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A man says "all the music you ask for and more," Jamaican accent. A man says all the musicAll Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Accents and Dialects. Wiki User The Jamaican accent is very musical, with a lot of tonal ups and downs. Jamaicans speak English, but very quickly and with a lot of local slang.

Um, in a Jamaican Accent - you say "like yeah man" I hope this helps? Asked in Literature and Language, Jamaica How do you talk in a jamaican accent? Whenever there is an "a" sound in a word, like in "cat", make the sound like an "o", like in "dog".

She does, however, have a barbadian accent. Asked in Australia Is a Jamaican accent cooler than a Australian accent? It's a tough one but yes, I'm going to have to with Jamaican. Asked in Accents and Dialects What does the Czech accent sound like?

jamaican accent audio

It sounds like a mix between a Russian accent and German accent. Asked in Accents and Dialects What does the Ukrainian accent sound like? A heavy ukranian accent will sound russian, a lighter one will sound german. Asked in Translations, Jamaica How do you say coffee in Jamaican? Asked in Accents and Dialects What does a Liverpudlian accent sound like?

Here's a link to a sound website:. Asked in Sports What is the op to be a sport teacher? Asked in Greek Language and Culture What does a greek accent sound like?

Asked in Accents and Dialects What does the American accent sound like? There is no one American accent, so you can't generalize that way. Asked in Jamaica How do you say beer can in Jamaican? Say beer can in a british accent.

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I just teached you how to say bacon in Jamaican. Asked in Accents and Dialects Does futbol have an accent? Asked in Accents and Dialects What does the Bahamian accent sound like? They have a much stronger accent than we do, and their own dialect. Ours is soft, like the difference between southern American and a Florida accent. Easy to notice, but definitely not anything near jamiacan I have worked offshore with Norwegians and Scottsmen. Norwegian accent sounds very similar to a brogue Scottish accent.Learning an accent can add skill and talent to your acting resume.

Not only does it showcase your abilities as an actor, but it also widens your versatility. Actors who learn how to master accents have a higher probability of landing parts and are afforded a wider range of acting opportunity.

In each region of the world, there are variations in grammar. Jamaicans for example, have no subject-verb agreement in the natural way they talk. Their verbs are spoken the same way, regardless of the subject. You should try to learn as many of these as possible to make your accent natural. There are some general rules to follow for this that make learning the way they talk easier.

Jamaicans use double negatives very often, as they are considered acceptable in their vocabulary.

jamaican accent audio

Natural Jamaicans typically repeat words for emphasis, as well as to compare things. While it certainly takes some practice to learn how to do a Jamaican accent correctly, there are a few tricks to get you started on the right pronunciation.

You should also try listening to a natural Jamaican accent to learn how to use the correct highs and lows of your voice when you annunciate words. Another common occurrence in a Jamaican accent is the use of compound words. Very often, Jamaicans will use compound or extended words for more simplified words; much like slang. An easy way to practice doing this is just to consciously think of your words before you say them.

If you can break your vocabulary down into two or more words, even if it makes it longer, it may sound more natural to your Jamaican accent. It may help to write down sentences in English and convert them to a Jamaican accent. Then, practice the sentence out-loud.

Each word, phrase, and pronunciation in the sentence you speak must sound natural, so spend time on each part of the sentence. Start by learning key Jamaican phrases, as well as greetings and the most commonly-used slang.

jamaican accent audio

These are natural parts of conversation and are key in learning how to do a Jamaican accent. The wide world of the internet allows you access to a ton of material to use as practice.

Feel free to enable to help of videos, recordings, and more to learn how to do a Jamaican accent. Using more than one resource can help you learn an accent quicker. While listening may help you understand slang and pronunciation, videos help you see how natural Jamaicans move their lips, teeth, tongue, and jaws while they speak.

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Foreign accent voice selection in just three easy steps: 1. This is a commercial promoting their new Caribbean style burger. Chris B recorded this commercial in English with a Caribbean accent. His tone is fun, playful and vibrant.

jamaican accent audio

The Caribbean islands were originally inhabited by nomadic tribes that came from Venezuela and Guyana. In Christopher Columbus, who was in the service of the Reyes Catolicos, Isabel and Ferdinand, came across the Caribbean islands and claimed Trinidad for the Spaniards. In the British discovered the Caribbean and colonised amongst other islands, Antigua and Barbados.

Next came the French and then the Dutch. All of the countries who colonised the islands, used them in the slave trade. They brought over hundreds of people from West Africa to work on the plantations. Due to the number of different spoken languages, the people on the islands began to speak Pidgin languages and English became one them as slaves needed to be able to communicate with their masters.

Other Pidgin languages developed as the slaves spoke to each other and English and African were big influences.

Can You Speak Jamaican ? - (Accent Challenge) Ep. 1 (Coventry)

Gradually as the settlers had children began to speak to each other, Pidgin became a creole language. A creole language is one which was pidgin, but has developed to become more complex and has an increased vocabulary and sound structure.

It is easily understood, but the structure is less complex. Written English as used in education and business is standard British. Each Caribbean island has its own distinct dialect, which are all influenced by the countries which colonised them. There is a mixture of Portuguese, French, Spanish and English amongst the islands. The creole languages are used at home, but it is in some parts also heard on the radio and television.

If you want to hear what a Barbados accent is like when speaking English, take a look at this news programme, which speaks to former Barbados Prime Minister, Owen Arthur. Any requests are answered right away. They are really communicative, helpful and turned around the work as quickly as possible. I have no complaints at all and we will definitely be getting back in contact when we next need subtitles. The quality has been excellent. The communication has been superb. And I say this from someone who suffered insanely poor experience of customer service and quality of product from a previous supplier.

So thanks very much to you and your team for making it go so smoothly, I…. I use Matinee for a lot of subtitling projects and they never fail to meet the deadlines. Great customer service and fast responses. We are very pleased with the completed voice-over work. The attention to detail in the studio was excellent.Learning a Jamaican accent adds skills to your resume as an actor or a singer. The Jamaican accent adopts words and structure from Jamaican Patois, a language that combines words from English, Creole and several West African languages.

The language does not differentiate between a subject and object and it does not have a subject-verb agreement.

It is an accent that is commonly heard in reggae and Creole music and is ubiquitous across the isle of Jamaica. Speaking with a Jamaican accent requires you to speak English the way a Jamaican would. You are still speaking English, but you are using some common Patois words such as mon, which refers to a person of any gender or age, dem, a plural or used in place of them or irie -- the Jamaican way of saying alright.

As an official language, Patois is neither slang nor is it broken English. Users of the language speak very quickly and sometimes cut their words in half; develop this style to improve your Jamaican accent.

Learn the basic differences in how Jamaicans speak.

Jamaican English

For starters, there is no subject-verb agreement in Patois. All verbs are spoken and written the same regardless of the subject. To form a plural add dem, such as pen dem for pens or by adding nuff at the start of a word, sometimes with a number. For pronouns, im works for both he and she, as there is no gender difference in the third person. The pronoun also doesn't change from subject to object. So while English would go from I to me, Jamaican employs mi at both spots in the sentence.

In the language, standard pronouns are used to express possession. Substitute "a" for state of being verbs, such as "I am a father" translates to "mi a fada. Employ common Jamaican words to make your accent come alive. Jamaicans commonly repeat words for emphasis, comparison and to increase number. Double negatives are acceptable, common and a standard part of Jamaican speech. Learn the many idioms that Jamaicans use and add them to your vocabulary. These include such things as adding eeh!

To add emphasis say yuh for you, and im for he or she or use breddah for brother, man or guy. Make liberal use of the word mon for any person at all. Find online videos, music, television programs or a native speaker to practice your accent.

Listen to how the words are pronounced and how sentences are expressed.

How to Speak With a Jamaican Accent

Keep in mind that the accent is a vibrant one and tonal expression is as important as the vocabulary and grammar that you use. Adopt the style that Jamaicans use when speaking, this means developing your speed at the accent so that you sound natural and authentic.

Listening to natives speak also helps you put the emphasis on the right words and acquire the melody and rhythm of the accent. As a professional writer sinceBridgette Redman's career has included journalism, educational writing, book authoring and training. She's worked for daily newspapers, an educational publisher, websites, nonprofit associations and individuals.Jamaican Englishwhich includes Jamaican Standard Englishis a variety of English native to Jamaica and is the official language of the country.

There are several language varieties that have significantly impacted this dialect of English. British English was introduced to Jamaica in [4] given Jamaica's colonial past. British English was spread through post-primary education as well as through British teachers that immigrated to Jamaica.

This is correlated with higher paying jobs as well as greater societal prestige. These impacts can be traced to the development of stronger social and economic ties with the United Statesthe popularity of U. Once children enter the first grade, they are exposed to Jamaican Standard English.

As Jamaican Standard English is often conflated with the British Standard Dialect, there are great similarities between grammar, idiom, and vocabulary. In papers written by students, many demonstrated the dropping of the -ed morpheme in past and perfect verb forms, a missing -s morpheme on the third person singular form of a verb, and absent plural markings on nouns. Recent American influence is apparent in the lexicon. For example, the American words " crib " and " apartment " are used more than the British "cot" and "flat".

The American word, which can be heard elsewhere in the Caribbean, isn't used in this capacity in Jamaica because the term "hood" is used as a vulgar slang for penis. Jamaican English has also borrowed some words from Jamaican Patois.

Jamaican Standard English pronunciation, while it differs greatly from Jamaican Patois pronunciation, is nevertheless recognisably Caribbean. Non-rhoticity the pronunciation of "r" nowhere except before vowels is highly variable in Jamaican English and can depend upon the phonemic and even social context. This has been attributed to the Jamaican education system normalizing and promoting a rhotic variety of English.

Actor’s Guide: How to Do a Jamaican Accent

The short "a" sound TRAPman, hat, etc. However, this fact hasn't stopped educated speakers from incorporating [kj] in their english at least before the short "a" sound it is not permitted before the long vowel. One of the most salient sounds of Caribbean English to speakers of outside English dialects is its unique rhythm and intonation.

Linguists debate whether this system centres mostly on stress, tone, or a mixture in which the two interact. Jamaican Standard English and Jamaican Patois exist together in a post-creole speech continuum.

Jamaican Patois has begun to be used on the radio as well as the news. Most Creole-dominant speakers have a fair command of English and Standard English, through schooling and exposure to official culture and mass media; their receptive skills understanding of Standard English are typically much better than their productive skills their own intended Standard English statements often show signs of Jamaican Creole interference.

Most writing in Jamaica is done in English including private notes and correspondence. Jamaican Patois has a standardised orthography, [27] and has only recently been taught in some schools. As a result, the majority of Jamaicans can read and write Standard English only, and have trouble deciphering written Patois in which the writer tries to reflect characteristic structures and pronunciations to differing degrees, without compromising readability.

Written Patois appears mostly in literatureespecially in folkloristic "dialect poems"; in humoristic newspaper columns; and most recently, on internet chat sites frequented by younger Jamaicans, who seem to have a more positive attitude toward their own language use than their parents.

While, for the sake of simplicity, it is customary [ by whom? This situation typically results when a Creole language is in constant contact with Standardised English superstrate or lexifier language and is called a creole speech continuum.

The least prestigious most Creole variety is called the basilect ; Standard English or high prestige variety, the acrolect ; and in-between versions are known as mesolects. As noted above, the "r" in "over" is not pronounced in any variety, but the one in "dere" or "there" is.

Jamaicans choose from the varieties available to them according to the situation. A Creole-dominant speaker will choose a higher variety for formal occasions like official business or a wedding speech, and a lower one for relating to friends; a Standard English-dominant speaker is likely to employ a lower variety when shopping at the market than at their workplace.

Code-switching can also be metacommunicative as when a Standard-dominant speaker switches to a more heavily basilect-influenced variety in an attempt at humor or to express solidarity. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Not to be confused with Jamaican Patois.