Velocidrone is an FPV simulator that has many promising features, such as multiplayer, track editor, real-life drones, and race tracks that match real-life specifications. Views and advice in this article are that of the author and does not necessarily reflect the opinion or views of GetFPV.

It blew my mind about how fast he was going, and how he was at full throttle the whole time. At that moment I knew I wanted the simulator, however, I was skeptical about whether my machine could run the simulator, given that I did not have a gaming computer or anything close to it. Upon first inspection, the user interface is quite good.

Buttons are large and you can tell easily where to go. Setting up my Taranis QX7 was pretty simple. However, there was no setup wizard, and you have to assign the throttle stick to the throttle input yourself. One neat thing about the controller setup is that you can also assign switches. This is good because you can hit reset, start a race, and many other functions without ever needing to touch the keyboard.

The flying experience is also really nice upon my first time trying. One downside is that the simulator comes at a high setting, and graphics need to be set up to suit your computer. Videos about that can be found in the links section below. This took some time to change while the game had lag. After that, the simulator ran really smoothly and gave me good first impressions. The setup of the game was a bit challenging.

To get the game, you have to go to the Velocidrone website, and not from Steam. Many steps were needed from downloading the files to extract the files, and without any guidance, it would be hard to do.

Thankfully, Velocidrone has a YouTube channel showing you how to set up the simulator from downloading it all the way to playing it. After downloading the game, there is another thing you have to do before flying. Setting up the controller! Setting up the controller is very easy in this simulator. There is a setup wizard that takes you through everything. It took me about five minutes to get my controller setup, and as long as windows can read your transmitter, Velocidrone should be able to work.

Velocidrone: The Most Realistic FPV Simulator?

Velocidrone has also kindly provided a radio setup video herewhich helps a lot if any problems occur. Velocidrone blew me away on how well it flew. Although it was not like real life, the performance of the virtual drones was very close.

The default physics could be better with the hang-time being a bit off, but this can be changed in the settings. I was genuinely surprised that there was no noticeable lag on my low-end computer and the drone flew smoothly. Overall, the simulator is realistic and I really like how it flies.

Another great thing about Velocidrone is the number of drones and the number of maps. The drones of Velocidrone are all prebuilt unlike Liftoff, but there is a wide selection of drones, from freestyle quads and race quads.

For a few dollars more, there are also X-class quads and micros.In order to activate flight modes and features in Betaflight you need to setup the switches in your radio first. I know there might be a lot of switches available on a radio transmitter, you might not be able to use all of them due to the limited channels.

You have to choose which ones you want to use. Because we use 4 channels for basic controls like Throttle, Yaw, Roll and Pitch, only the rest of the channels can be used for switches. These are called auxiliary channels or AUX channels.

Each switch will take up a channel. For example, I need a switch to arm the quad, another one to activate the buzzer when we lose it in the bushes. Perhaps another one to switch to Angle or Horizon mode. I will show you how to configure one switch as an example. Mixer is used to assign inputs or sources to the channels, so you can send it to the receiver and flight controller.

The first 4 channels are already occupied by throttle, roll, pitch and yaw, so we will have to use the next available channel, which is CH5 Channel 5. Pretty convenient huh? Missing Switches?

If this is a new radio, there is a high chance they are not added to the system yet. This is my usual setup, I normally only use 8 channels — because for SBUS, using 8 channels has less latency than using Double check that the switches are working. If it is then you can move on to setting up Betaflight modes tab :. My quads no longer armed… so I checked modes tab.

Arm slider value was set toswitch value had changed… only traveling from to Viktor Alvarsson, Hunt I have the solution. Hunt Im having the same issue. When choosing source only S1 and S2 show up. None of the SA through SE lettered switches show up. Did you solve this issue? Any guidance?Portal Member List Calendar Help. Hello There, Guest! Login Register.

Taranis Q X7

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Thread Modes. My Turnigy 9xr was plug-and-play, worked perfect. The Taranis QX7 I've switched to doesn't work right.

I set up a brand new model, turned off Internal RX, etc. However, when I go to calibrate, all of the controls are registered, but they aren't working correct.

Example: Throttle. The correct stick and axis is recognized, but if the throttle is at 0, it shows up in the sim as full throttle. As I move it up to about a quarter, it suddenly jumps down to 0 in the sim. Then if I move it toward max, it reaches max in the sim by just over half on the actual stick. For example the Roll will only register when moving right. I have tried modifying settings in the TX and different settings have different effects, but none of them solve the problems just reduce them or introduce a different problem.

Any luck getting it to work?

Taranis Q X7 OpenTX – First Flight Setup

Tried for a bit but just haven't gotten it working. No issues or complaints from me so far. Vegas LiPo Killah. Liftoff and FPV freerider only use the top half of the inputs. I am almost certain that this will fix the problem since I see very similar behavior when I forget to change models on my radio. Here is a video to help show how to do it: Edit: Just noticed this is an old thread.

taranis qx7 velocidrone setup

Thanks t3rminal for digging it up, since it didn't have an answer no one could really get help from it before but now hopefully it'll be helpful to someone. Also Welcome to intoFPV! The following 3 users Like Carl. Vegas 's post: 3 users Like Carl.

SublimeLayers Forum Beginner. I had already setup the Q X7 as per the video when I discovered this thread. I do have things working in Liftoff but I wanted to try Freerider.

Here's what happens when I do the setup in FR - most of the controls are inverted and not centered and way off scale. I can fix all of that in the config screen so things are setup properly. I click OK and then go to the desert sim free version to test. When I lift off initially, the quad flips rolls left. However, if I just slightly bump roll, then that doesn't happen again.In this tutorial I will show you how to setup a switch on the Taranis to simply read out the voltage of the battery on your quadcopter.

For more useful tips and tricks about using the Taranis, make sure to check out this guide :. In order to allow the Taranis know the voltage of the battery on your quad, telemetry is required. Now plug in the battery in your quad, and VFAS should display the voltage of your battery.

VFAS basically just means your battery voltage. Simple as that. It involves using Logical Switch — a virtual switch, that can be activated when a condition is met. We can create a logical switch L1 in our example to compare the the battery voltage VFAS to a value of your choice, say 14V for a 4S battery. If the battery voltage is lower than this value, then L1 is activated.

To make the Taranis read out the voltage when L1 is activated, we just need to create a Special Function and assign it to L1.

So L1 is only on when voltage is lower than 14V, and higher than 0V. Another situation where we might get a false alarm is when telemetry connection is lost. In our example, voltage must be lower than 14V for at least 3. The next parameter is Delay 0. Hi, my taranis qx7s read and repeat the same value What s about? Hi, I have a Kopis 2.

Why this? Thank you. Has anyone else had issues getting this or the more complex voltage alarm to work on a 6S quad. I appreciate this may be an issue with my Eachine stack but it appears that the voltage is to slow to reach the trigger point so that alarm sounds every time the lipo is plugged in with a value like 0. Hit discover sensors, nothing.

Have checked Betaflight and telemetry enabled. Your email address will not be published. Are you Robot? Sign me up for the newsletter! Related Articles. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. For prompt technical support, please use our forum IntoFPV. I check blog comments weekly. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.The main purpose of an FPV simulator is to help you practice flying or new tricks without the cost of crashing your new FPV quadcopter.

But even if you are good at flying, if the weather is bad, you can still get your FPV fix of the day with a decent simulator. This article talks about which one we think is the best, but we also include all the other options out there for you to try yourself. This helps train your muscle memory when it comes to flying in real life. The list below highlights the most popular radios and what you need to hook them up. Specifics of hooking each up with a simulator should be covered in the respective manual.

The Frsky Taranis series of radios are by far the most popular, and the best thing here is that they plug into your PC via USB cable, and your PC will detect it as a joystick and you can start flying, nice and easy. Other radios like the Flysky i6 or Spektrum are a bit more complex as you need to hook up a dongle and install drivers. The new kid on the block Jumperalso just plug into your PC, but require you to setup a FPV simulator model on the radio for it to work.

Most reviews you read will always comment on how real the simulator feels. When you fly a friends quad or get a new one, it feels different to what you are used to but after a few minutes, you get the feel for the quad. At the moment there are two that stand out as being the best, VelociDrone and LiftOff. They are so closely matched so I could not decide between the two.

Both have great graphics, and multiplayer, and cost the same. LiftOff is a more polished game that is more fun to play and has better drone customisation features thanks to the user community. This is mainly because it essentially runs the betaflight controller software in the background. The most fun, and has the most content out of all the simulators, but you need a decent PC to play it. If I had to choose just one, I would say LiftOff wins. At the end of the day, it is much more fun to play and is a more polished product.

Because it runs on steam, the game updates are easy, and the developers are constantly updating the game, making it better and fixing bugs. LiftOff is definitely more of a game than any of the other simulators, not because the physics are bad, they are not but because it is simply the most fun to play. Apart from the racing modes, liftoff also features freestyle modes where you can get points for performing tricks. In terms of content, nothing comes close to liftoff.

There is a huge selection of environments, tracks and quadcopters thanks to the user-contributed content on the steam workshop. As of me writing this article, there are over 2k tracks, and drones you can choose from. The main downsides of LiftOff are that you need a fairly decent gaming PC to run this game smoothly, and many people say that the game feels a bit floaty different to real flying. Whenever you fly a new quadcopter it feels a bit different and after a few flights, you get used to it.

I found liftoff no different, and as far as offering a system to learn to fly, improve my skills and have fun, I have no complaints here.FPV Freerider user manual. On some operating systems Windows at least you might need to make some manual setup in the menu of the radio itself if you are running an older version of OpenTX:.

Taranis setup guide. Spektrum radios generally works best connected via a standard 3. See this document for more info:. Spektrum tips. The tips in that document can also be useful for other similar radios connected via audio cable. On Windows you may need to set up the endpoints. Here is a custom model ini file that you can try:.

Devo model file.

taranis qx7 velocidrone setup

Due to an automatic Windows 10 update that broke the USB drivers, suddenly some controllers may no longer be recognized in Windows. See this document for a possible fix:. Windows 10 USB driver fix. Taranis setup Windows. Another taranis setup Windows. Taranis Windows french. Taranis MacOS. Taranis MacOS german. Most transmitters Smartpropoplus Windows.

Devo 7 and most other transmitters Smartpropolus Windows.

Full Setup of Taranis Qx7 for LIFTOFF

Spektrum and other transmitters Smartpropolus Windows. Flysky MacOS. Turnigy i10 Windows. Turnigy 9X Windows. Gavin 6A using Detrum simulator dongle Windows.

taranis qx7 velocidrone setup

Any radio, connected through your quadcopter Windows. This is just a small collection of videos, there are many more tutorials that can be found. I was using my futaba and it was working on the first freerider version.

Since I installed the freerider recharged version, my controller doesnt work anymore on both version.VelociDrone is a fast paced multi-player and single player FPV drone racing simulator. Using real world racing drones you can fly through an unlimited array of custom tracks with a variety of gates and barriers to hone your racing skills. Some of the gates even move! Our Time attack mode also lets you set the pace and improve with every lap whilst racing against yourself.

By continuing to use our website, you agree to the use of cookies. Toggle Navigation. Fast paced FPV drone racing action with multiplayer and offline modes! VelociDrone 1. VelociDrone Patch New Features and Fixes Nemesis Mode Allow custom leaderboards in multiplayer and if you saved a track from multiplayer Add track name display at top of screen New recharge and prop damage gate no relay function Stop tracks for scenes you don't own showing in the track selector Allow locking of multiplayer sessions Fix logos for DDC gate 6 New Quads Five 33 Switchback and Singularitum.

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